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UVA Library is pleased to announce its 2024 Research Sprints program. Research Sprints provide faculty with the opportunity to partner with a team of expert librarians on a specific project, offering deep interaction and an extended time commitment. During the sprints, faculty work intensively with librarians for one to three full working days to overcome obstacles, explore new research avenues, or test new methods.

They are bright, eye-catching, inviting: eight colorful banners on the second floor of Shannon Library call out visitors with greetings and phrases in languages that represent the University’s Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian American (APISAA) community.

In a competitive application process, 25 archivists have been selected as participants in the 2024 Archives Leadership Institute (ALI).

A nighttime photo of multistory brick building with large windows illuminated from within.
A new entrance to The Edgar Shannon Library makes the building easily reachable from the growing northern corridor along University Avenue.
An illustration of a human brain overlaid by computer chips
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Earlier this week, Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar spoke out about a deepfake video s

Students, faculty, staff, and community members streamed into the University of Virginia’s newly renovated main library when its doors opened to the public at 9 a.m. sharp for the first time in nearly four years.

The University of Virginia Library is pleased to announce that its main library, which has undergone a transformational, four-year renovation, will reopen to the public on Monday, Jan. 8, at 9 a.m.

Sure, you can visit the University of Virginia Library to borrow books (we have more than 5 million of them!), to find a cozy study space, or even to use a 3-D printer, but did you know we offer events ranging from workshops to gallery talks for UVA and the Charlottesville community throughout the year?

In June 1844, landscape painter Russell Smith traveled from Philadelphia to Virginia on a hot, dusty train to meet up with geologist William Barton Rogers, a professor of natural philosophy at the University of Virginia. Smith joined Rogers to work as an illustrator for the next phase of the Geological Survey of Virginia, which stu

A large brick building seen from above.
A recent photo of the main library under renovation, viewed from the northwest. Here, the new clerestory can be seen on the roof, and construction is underway on the stairs and terrace that will lead to the new north entrance to the building.

“The Harlem Renaissance has come to the University of Virginia’s Grounds,” begins a UVA Today article featuring the Library’s newest exhibition, “Their World As Big As They Made It: Looking Back at the Harlem Renaissance.”

The article continues,


“Their World As Big As They Made It: Looking Back at the Harlem Renaissance” banner

Guest post by Holly Robertson, Curator of University Library Exhibitions

black-and-white illustration of books on a shelf

It’s been a somewhat quiet summer on Grounds as we await students’ return for the fall semester. Renovations on the main library continue, with the building’s grand opening scheduled for April 2024.

Fine Arts Library with construction tape


The Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library will be closed from May 19 to Aug. 15 due to construction on the patio surrounding the building.

The University of Virginia Library is delighted to announce the donation of a major gift, the Iselin Collection of Humor. Built over many years by noted collector and retired attorney Josephine Lea Iselin, the Iselin Collection will be a tremendous asset for research and learning at the University across a wide range of disciplines.

Sue Donovan was raised in Middle Tennessee, where her mother was a storyteller and worked at the county library. “We basically grew up in the library. I brought books to school to read behind the books that we were supposed to read in class,” she said. Now as Conservator for Special Collections at the University of Virginia Library, Donovan still spends her days surrounded by books, mending torn pages and repairing broken bindings.

The Library is now offering access to the Wall Street Journal, including daily news reporting and coverage from around the world.    

To access, visit You will be prompted to create an account, which you can then use on, the Wall Street Journal app, and the Wall Street Journal archives.

Guest post from Dave Ghamandi, Open Publishing Librarian and Managing Editor of Aperio:


Love Data Week banner


In his “Sonnet 116” William Shakespeare describes what he sees as the truest kind of love — the marriage of two minds.

From Judith Thomas, Director of Faculty Programs

Applications are now being accepted for three Library programs: Research Sprints, Course Enrichment Grants, and Affordability & Equity Grants.

Just before the winter break, the Library rolled out a refreshed version of its public website, Virgo, LibGuides, and other Library interfaces remain unaffected.

The update is the public manifestation of work that has been ongoing for many years — to design and test a better user experience for new and expert Library users alike. The site will continue to evolve in response to user testing and feedback, and we appreciate your input and patience as progress continues.

“Visions of Progress: Portraits of Dignity, Style, and Racial Uplift,” a new exhibition at the University of Virginia’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, showcases portraits that African Americans in central Virginia commissioned from the Holsinger Studio during the first decades of the 20th century. The photographs expressed the individuality of the women and men who commissioned them, while silently yet powerfully asserting their claims to rights and equality. Opening Sept.

The Library is now offering full online access to the New York Times to everyone in the University community!

- Guest post by UVA Library Special Collections Conservator Sue Donovan