Research Data Services & Social, Natural, and Engineering Sciences

The Research Data Services + Social, Natural, Engineering Sciences team is divided into two groups. The Research Data Services (RDS) group consults with and trains researchers in acquiring, collecting, wrangling, analyzing, visualizing, sharing, and preserving research data. Our data professionals, in collaboration with our research librarians, work to advance data science, using data to answer scientific questions, making analysis reproducible, and promoting open data to enable long-term discovery and knowledge.

The Social, Natural, Engineering Sciences (SNE) group supports research needs across the scientific disciplines, from finding materials and managing information, to understanding the changing scholarly landscape and promoting information literacy. Information experts, together with our data team, work with students and faculty to enhance their scholarship and navigate resources across the University.

Clay Ford Senior Research Data Scientist/Statistics 4342436089
Brown 153
Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood Research Data Scientist 4342438807
Laura Hjerpe Senior Research Data Management Librarian Brown 143
Ashley Hosbach-Wallman Education and Social Science Research Librarian Brown I-045
Jenn Huck Associate Director, Research Data Services & Social, Natural, and Engineering Sciences 4342438480
Brown I-043
Nancy Kechner Research Software Specialist 4349240911
Brown I-044
Michael Lenard Research Data Management Librarian 4349823401
Brown Library 144
Maggie Nunley Science and Engineering Research Librarian 4349241343
Brown I-053
Ricky Patterson Director, RDS & SNE 4342432180
Brown I-046
Erich Purpur Science and Engineering Research Librarian Brown I-054
Christine Slaughter Social Sciences Research Librarian Brown I-042
Team information for below staff list

StatLab Grad Student Associates 2023-24

Lauren Brideau
Ph.D. Student, Environmental Sciences

Colleagues who’ve gone on to other cool things!

Pete Alonzi
Senior Research Data Scientist (UVA Data Science Institute)

Kay Buchanan
Education Librarian (Retired)

Meagan Christensen
Social Science Librarian (Westminster School)

Michele Claibourn
Director of RDS+SNE (The Equity Center, UVA)

Jenny Coffman
Research Librarian for Engineering (North Carolina State University)

Bill Corey
Research Data Management Librarian (Retired)

Summer Durrant
Data Librarian (University of Mary Washington)

Jeremy Garritano
Associate Director of RDS+SNE (Yale University)

Sherry Lake
Research Data Management Librarian (UVA Library, Scholarly Communication)

Carole Lohman
Education Librarian (Retired)

Hanni Nabahe
Research Librarian for Commerce and Economics; Resident Librarian (Gilead Sciences)

Andrew Sallans
Head of Strategic Data Initiatives (Center for Open Science)

Wanda Sanford
RDS Coordinator (UVA Data Science Institute)

Yun Tai
CLIR Data Curation Fellow (University of Hong Kong)