Feeling weary?

By Amber Lautigar Reichert | December 8, 2023

You’re in good company on this one. But camaraderie isn’t always what we need… so you might try a few things to get energized:

  • Explore a bit: If you’re seeing this, you’ve probably been to a library recently! But did you know the UVA Library has more than 5 different locations? Maybe a crisp walk to see a new one will liven you up. Don’t want to leave your location? Try a few jumping jacks, or a quick little dance party to get your blood flowing.
    • Stay tuned: The fully renovated main library re-opens in January!
  • Zzzzzzzzzz: Short naps (20 minutes or so) can really recharge a person’s battery, and there are plenty of comfy spots in libraries to relax.
    • Some research even shows that drinking coffee directly before a nap improves alertness when you wake up… but you’ll have to see if it works for you.
  • A body needs fuel! The Winter Wind Down calendar has a few free food options for end of semester, and a calorie boost may just get your brain back to where it needs to be for a while.
  • When in doubt: Try “playing houseplant.” Get some sun on your face. Drink some water. Have a little sustenance. You’ll be over the hump in no time!