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Recent headlines

1 week ago
Open educational resources include everything from textbooks to videos to assessment tools – and they’re free and specifically licensed to be available for sharing, adapting, and reuse. UVA Library offers resources, tools, and consultations for instructors interested in incorporating OER into their course materials.
1 month ago
Reference Librarian Mandy Rizki highlights a handful of the many library resources that focus on LGBTQIA+ lives, experiences, and fields of scholarship.
1 month ago
A photoessay of illustrations and illustrated books from the Iselin Collection of Humor
1 month ago
Eight UVA faculty members will partner with teams of expert librarians on specific projects, offering deep interactions and an extended time commitment.
2 months ago
Seven UVA instructors received grants to help students seek, evaluate, manage, and use information and data in scholarly contexts, with the support of library staff.