Renovated library set to open in January 2024

The UVA Library is pleased to open the renovated library to the public on January 8, 2024. While books and materials will continue to be moved into the space through the spring semester, we welcome students, faculty, staff, and community members to come experience the new, beautiful space starting in January.

Save the date! On April 4, 2024, we hope you’ll join us for a Grand Opening event, details to come.

What’s new?

The beautifully renovated building brings the library up to current standards of safety, accessibility, and service. A new entrance makes the building easily reachable from the growing northern corridor along University Avenue, and a larger south entrance makes the space easier to access from Grounds. The building offers better layout and natural light, including  in two new study courts, for members of the University community as they study, research, and socialize.. Improved wayfinding (using signage and other design elements) makes the building more intuitive for visitors, and better facilities support the ongoing conservation and preservation of the Library’s large and growing print collection.

Finally, much-loved features such as the McGregor (“Harry Potter”) Room remain — they’ve been renovated and optimized for comfort and character, preserving the essential elements of their unique identity.

A rich journey

A vintage photo from the main library's early days when there was a central front desk. Three men are at the desk talking with librarians.

The history of UVA can be divided into three chapters, each marked by the construction of a library. The renovation of Alderman, our main library, marks the third chapter in the University’s history.

The first chapter began when the Rotunda, UVA’s first Library, was constructed as the focus of Grounds — a notable departure from the customary practice of centering universities around religious buildings. The second chapter began when UVA began to function as a research university with the opening in 1938 of Alderman, with a much larger and more current collection, that replaced the Rotunda as the main library.

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A vintage blueprint showing the plan view for Memorial Hall.

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The Library’s role at UVA is experiencing a transformation, and the renovation is a key part of that change. Help us cement the Library’s place as a hub of discovery and learning by making a gift. There are multiple opportunities to make both immediate-use and endowed gifts.

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Artist's renderings of proposed new building facade.

Recent headlines

2 months ago
The main library opens to the public on Jan. 8, 2024. The renovation will bring the building up to current standards of safety, accessibility, and service.
9 months ago

The reopening of the new main library, Alderman, is just under a year away, but Beth Blanton, Director of Collections, is already deep in the process of mapping the book move into the new space.

What’s happening now?

In fall 2023, the move-in process begins.

In spring 2024, the space opens to the public and move-in continues, with the book move taking place through spring semester.

These transitions will affect Library services from time to time; you can read more about any current impacts on the Library’s status dashboard.