If you have found the UVA Library StatLab useful to your research, we hope you’ll acknowledge us in your work. If we provided a significant intellectual contribution (e.g., not just helping you implement approaches, but shaping or significantly creating the approach), you might consider adding the consultant as a co-author.


If you found a StatLab article useful, we appreciate a citation. Here is an example:

Ford, C. 2020. “Understanding Robust Standard Errors.” UVA Library StatLab (accessed February 1, 2023).


UVA Library StatLab logos are available if you would like to acknowledge our contributions in your article or presentation. Two versions are available: one for white backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds. Use the png version for web and slide deck presentations. Use the eps version for professional printing. Below is an example of the logo for white backgrounds.


UVA Library StatLab