Research data management

We consult with researchers on how to collect, organize, document, store, share, and preserve their research data throughout the project and after it’s complete. Email our RDM team at to set up an appointment.

We can help with:

  • Funder requirements: Help drafting or reviewing your data management plan, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository, and preparing research data for end-of-project archiving.
  • Data management plans: Information about the data management requirements of the Federal Agencies is available on the Federal Agency Funding Guidelines page. Our Data Management Planning Support page has more information, links to the DMPTool Quick Start Guide, and DMP templates.
  • Data sharing: Help to determine the best approach for sharing your data during your project and after it has completed.  The Data Management Components section provides access to many useful resources.
  • Best practices: Learn more about best practices to insure your research data will continue to be available in the future.

Data Life Cycle chart showing discovery, planning, start-up, collection, analysis, sharing, archiving, and end of project

NEWS: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released their new Data Management and Sharing Policy after a 5 year cycle of community input and revisions. It will take effect on January 25, 2023. For additional information visit our Federal Agency Funding Guidelines page or the RDM Guide.

  • Libguide: Our Research Data Management Guide has the most current information available, including requirements and DMP templates for NSF, NIH, NEH, DOT, IES, DOE, CDC, and NOAA.  The Guide includes additional information on data security, data privacy, and data licensing resources. And the RDM template and guidance page can be found here.
  • Funding discovery: The Grants and Funding Subject Guide explains how to use the Pivot and GrantForward funding discovery tools licensed by the Vice President for Research, provides links to additional resources, and resources to help you write the perfect proposal.
  • Workshop materials: You can find materials from past data management workshops at our Past Workshop Materials page.

You may also be interested in:

  • Our StatLab, where you can get expert guidance on data wrangling and processing, data visualization and analysis, statistical modeling and computational methods.
  • Our data discovery services, for support finding and understanding existing data sources.
  • Libra Data, UVA’s instance of Dataverse, where you can deposit and discover UVA datasets and other scholarly data. To learn more, contact
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