The SAS System is an integrated suite of software for information delivery and analysis. Applications of the SAS System include executive information systems; data entry, retrieval, and management; report writing and graphics; statistical and mathematical analysis; business planning, forecasting, and decision support; operations research and project management; statistical quality improvement; computer performance evaluation; and applications development. SAS is very powerful and is particularly useful for dealing with large data sets.

SAS availability

Students at the University of Virginia may access SAS through Remote Desktop  or by installing SAS on your own computer. Please note: SAS will NOT install properly on any version of Windows “Home”. To determine if you have a “Home” operating system, please do the following:

  • Find the Computer information area off the Start Menu, on the right hand side about halfway down the menu
  • Right click on the Computer area
  • Select Properties, the last entry on the menu that pops up with the right click
  • The Windows edition is the first piece of information that will appear on the screen
  • If the word Home appears here, you need to upgrade to a more robust Windows version. You may do this in one of several ways-
    • Go to Cavalier Computers and tell them that you need to upgrade to Windows Professional or Enterprise
    • Look on your Start Menu to see if you have an entry above “Accessories” that is entitled Windows Anytime Upgrade (not Update— you want UpGRADE). That will take you to Microsoft where you can purchase an upgrade for less than $60.
    • Go directly to Microsoft to upgrade your Windows

To get SAS on your computer, you can download SAS from the UVA Software Gateway. If you choose to download SAS from UVA Software please make sure you are either on-Grounds, or have a very dependable wireless connection. The file is currently over 21 GB, and can take literally hours to download.

SAS versions

The current version of SAS is 9.4. There are several flavors of SAS from which to choose, but each version of SAS has a unique license file that will only work with the corresponding version of SAS you have installed.

  • Teaching & Research (T&R) version or Administration (Admin) version
    • Teaching & Research (T&R) can be used by students, faculty and staff for coursework, classroom instruction, and academic (noncommercial) research. Most normal researchers and students qualify for this version. This is the ONLY version of SAS that may be put on personally-owned computers
    • Administration (Admin) is limited to faculty and staff executing the business of the university and may NOT be put on personally-owned computers
  • 32-or 64-bit. See instructions, above, related to finding out your Windows OS
  • Version 9.3 is available if you have code that is locked to that version

Installation instructions

For help installing SAS 9.4 for 64-bit Windows, please follow the directions found here: SAS94_Installation Instructions

Use SAS on Demand for Academics to use SAS on Mac OS and Windows

Users who work on Mac OS may now install SAS on Demand for Academics for free.

Here are some support materials for SAS for Universities:

  • SAS blogs – Frequently technical, often personal and always thought-provoking, SAS blogs from every corner of the globe cover a wide array of topics.
  • SAS Users YouTube channel – Subscribe to get the latest tutorials, product demos, thought leadership and learning resources from SAS.
  • Learning Resources – See how you can get the analytics skills you need, on your time, and on your terms.

Renewing Your SAS License

  1. Go to the UVA Software Gateway
  2. Look at the software titles under Data Analysis and Research
  3. Select SAS
  4. You will log in with NetBadge
  5. Select the SAS version that you are trying to renew (for most of you this will be SAS 9.4 Teaching & Research for Windows)
  6. Accept the terms of use listed above and click “Submit”
  7. Select “License File” when presented with 3 choices (Install manual and Program Files are the other 2 choices)
  8. Click and download the license file
  9. To renew your SAS version, go to Start — SAS — Renew SAS Software 9.4. Click it and follow the prompts to browse to your new license file. Do not remove the license file. Note: You may need administrator access to your computer for the renewal to work.

SAS for Linux

SAS is also available for Linux on the UVA Software Store. You may download it from there, or you may pick up a thumb drive with the program files loaded on it from Brown Science & Engineering Library in Clark Hall, room i043. Email to set up an appointment to pick up the USB drive.

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Last updated: 10/26/21