Walking Tours of Grounds

Walking Tours of Grounds app shows 6 tours: Enslaved African Americans at UVA, UVA Library, 100 Objects, Faulkner, Main Library Renovation, and Women’s Education at UVAWalking Tours of Grounds, a set of thematically driven walking tours, allow you explore one of the most beautiful and prestigious universities in the world: the University of Virginia. Although most were set up as walking tours, any of these tours can be taken from anywhere on a phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Renovation Tour — Learn about the history and future of the building and tour the ongoing renovation.
  • Enslaved African Americans at UVA — Explore the history of enslaved African Americans at UVA through places, people, and events.
  • UVA Library — Take a library-focused tour that winds through Central Grounds, beginning at the Rotunda and ending at the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, with stops at five other libraries along the way.
  • The University of Virginia in One Hundred Objects — Celebrate UVA's Bicentennial with the 100 objects that symbolize the University’s historical commitment to intellectual inquiry, documenting institutional crises, everyday life, and UVA’s place in the Charlottesville community and beyond.
  • Faulkner at UVA — Walk the path of celebrated author William Faulkner, UVA's writer-in-residence from 1957-1958, from his offices to speaking engagements and classes around Grounds.
  • Women’s Education at UVA — Discover some of the significant people, places, and moments in the sustained efforts to ensure women’s equal access to education at UVA.

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Walking Tours of Grounds

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