Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature, and Culture

A carpeted sitting room under an archway, with windows and streaming sunlight.
Taylor Room, Photograph by Shane Lin

The Mary and David Harrison Institute is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of American history, literature, and culture from its earliest beginnings to the current day, especially through the use of original sources.

Flowerdew Hundred

A clearer picture of Virginia’s early inhabitants and their ways of life has emerged through archaeological excavations at Flowerdew Hundred. The artifacts from the Flowerdew Hundred Collection highlight the many stories that have been unearthed at this unique site.

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The Harrison Institute offers three highly competitive fellowship programs: the Lillian Gary Taylor Fellowship in American Literature, the William A. Elwood Fellowship in Civil Rights and African-American Studies, and the Mary Lacey Long Wolfe Fellowship in Rare Materials.

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