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The University of Virginia Library is committed to educating students, faculty and staff about copyright, fair use, open access, and related issues affecting teaching, research and scholarly communication. The goal of this website is to provide UVA-specific and general information including policies, reference materials, and links to more information. For a broad overview, check out Copyright Essentials for Scholarly Work. We are interested in hearing your comments. Please send us your feedback and suggestions.

This web site presents information about copyright law. The University Library makes every effort to assure the accuracy of this information but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice. UVA students, faculty and staff who have additional questions may contact the Scholarly Communications Services Team. UVA faculty and students can schedule a consultation with a team member in-person or by Zoom.

News and recent developments

NEW! Check out our new Copyright Small Claims page to learn more about the new Copyright Claims Board, and what to do if you receive a notice of a claim against you.

Schedule a Zoom consult to discuss your copyright or related questions.

Faculty Senate endorses OA Guidelines for Faculty — Learn more about the comprehensive guidance on open access endorsed by the Faculty Senate in May of 2021.

Fair Use in Seven Words (2 min) - Check out this very (very!) concise introduction to fair use, the most important copyright concept for any scholar, teacher, or student to understand.