Robin Lindley Ruggaber
Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives
Shannon 513 F

Job summary

As the Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives, I work within and without the University of Virginia as a technology consultant, advisor, mentor, and IT management professional. Engaging with the higher education, library, and museum communities, I work to establish and participate in sustainable communities that provide open-source technologies, standards, and practices supporting the creation, access, use, and preservation of scholarly work. Within the UVA Library, I engage with stakeholders and manage projects to achieve strategic library objectives.

Professional profile

Experience in corporate IT and an education in computer science provided the foundation for my career spanning industry, federal and state agencies. My deepest expertise is in directing the design and development of strategies, software, systems, and collaborative communities to solve complex problems and meet organizational objectives.

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IT Strategy & Solutions
IT or Leadership Career Paths
Project Management
Establishing & Sustaining Collaborative Communities
Open Source Software
Open Access