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Recent headlines

1 week ago
Brandon Butler, the University of Virginia Library’s Director of Information Policy, walks us through last week's rulings.
2 weeks ago
The Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library will be closed from May 19 to Aug. 15 due to construction on the patio surrounding the building.
3 weeks ago
Check out art created by, for, and about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, featuring everything from a graphic novel on surfing to a film about androids and grief.
4 weeks ago
Take a look at our list of books selected by our Librarian for English and by UVA students currently studying contemporary Jewish fiction.
1 month ago

Earlier this month in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, a happy group of alumni, students, and staff posed in front of a portrait of Fernando Bolívar, who was likely the first Latin American student at the University of Virginia.