Nielsen Marketing Data: Consumer Panel, Retail Scanner Data, and Ad Intel

The Consumer Panel data includes information about product purchases made by a panel of consumer households across all retail outlets in all U.S. markets. The Retail Scanner Data consists of weekly purchase and pricing data generated from participating retail store point-of-sale systems in all U.S. markets.

“Nielsen Ad Intel (formally known as Ad*Views), the leading provider of competitive advertising information, alerts you to new sales opportunities by tracking ad spending in more detail, across more local markets and more media outlets than any other commercial monitoring service. Nielsen Ad Intel reports makes it easy for you to interpret the data and address your most competitive questions.”

Access is limited to UVA tenure-line faculty and the Ph.D. students whom they advise.

To request access to the Nielsen data at the Kilts Center for Marketing, please complete the online code request form. Choose University of Virginia (Darden).

After the administrator approves your request for a code, you will receive an email with your registration code and instructions for how to complete the process. The Kilts Center will review your project(s) and send you a final activation email along with steps for how to access the data.  If you are a PhD student, your advisor will be required to take action before you can be activated.  

For questions or difficulties, contact Kilts Center for Marketing or